Trainer and Assessor Professional Development.  Good pace and covered lots of info in a customised mode with our varied group.  Well done!  It was wonderful and refreshing to have our knowledge + experience respected, recognised and acknowledged.  Great group work.

TAFE teacher in vocational education and training.


I just completed the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and have never enjoyed a course more. It was enlightening, relevant, fun and I was extremely sad that it had to come to an end. I found the emotional intelligence part of the course so rewarding, not only in understanding myself better but understanding those around me more importantly. Thank you, One World Learning for the most enjoyable course I have ever had the pleasure to undertake and in turn gained a valuable qualification from. Do yourself a favour and use One World Learning for all your training needs - you'll find no better way of learning, trust me!

Graduate Human Resources Advisor


  • One World Learning provided the Certificate 4 in Frontline and Business Management Training to our organisation. They were very professional and Jan Rose, the trainer had a very creative approach to helping our group learn. This was a much more pleasant and effective experience than that of sitting in a classroom in a College style environment. Jan even took the time to understand the business’s needs and day to day operation by visiting an operating heliport and aerodrome for the day. The whole course was a great success and all participants were thrilled to receive their certification at the end of it.
  • I was very impressed with the quality and presentation of the frontline management course as a whole. I also liked the way in which the key themes were incorporated in from our discussions and the way in which they were presented in an easy to follow and appropriate manner. Thank you Jan the way you conducted the training was key in achieving optimum learning outcomes.
  • What can I say about Jan - As a trainer she’s creative, funny, a great listener and challenges you to think outside the box to see the bigger picture. She has a way of making you feel at ease and letting you know that your opinion does matter. She has a style of teaching that is encouraging and makes you think about your own experiences in order to get her point across. She is very adaptive to each students individual learning styles.
  • The frontline management course for me was a wonderful experience. To associate with people from the office that I usually don’t cross paths with on a day to day basis and to hear their thoughts and opinions and get to know them a little more was fantastic. The most important thing I took away from the course was how to deal with different personality traits and how to unlock there peak performances so I can off load more tasks in my every day work, which given my current work circumstances has been a blessing.  The project management section of the course has been a wonderful tool that I have used not just at work but also to help plan my upcoming wedding! This may seem weird but I actually learnt a lot about who I am and the way I work.


Multinational organisation (specialising in air transportation)

To whom it may concern

Our organisation engaged Jan Rose from One World Learning to deliver Leadership and Management training for a group of junior workplace supervisors underpinned by a combined Certificate IV in Business and Certificate IV in Frontline Management program. Jan studied our business operations then tailored the program using real examples and issues from the workplace. This made the training highly relevant and increased student participation and enthusiasm for learning. It was very satisfying to see the impact Jan had on our staff as she informed them through knowledge and empowered them through practice to confidently apply new skills back in the workplace.

Multinational organisation (specialising in engineering support to an overseas air force)


Hi Jan,

Just thought I would take the opportunity to provide you with a little feedback regarding the impact your Frontline Managers course has had on my project.

As you know my intent was to identify locally employed supervisory level staff, who had shown potential for management positions and then develop these individuals to fill management roles at a later date. Once identified, the first step was to provide them with some management principles with which to develop their own management style. It was my intent to allow them 12 months to do so before considering their suitability for promotion into management roles, then a further 12 months before providing them with some Project Management training. 

Anyway, as you recall, a number of my staff attended your Frontline Managers training and as a result you returned to me a team of people who were motivated and keen to exercise the new skills and knowledge they had gained. The initial months post training saw them apply the principles of management with varying rates of success as they each discovered what best worked for them and their respective staff. Around the same time, the project took an unexpected rapid and drastic change in its focus, structure and strategy and the staff were literally "thrown in the deep end" as the business went through its new transition. 

What followed was 6 months of dynamic, high tempo and high demand changes. Too much for me to manage, implement and monitor alone. The staff rallied as one, implemented and actioned many a principle and skill acquired front the Frontline Mangers course and as a result, the business has never been in a better position than it is today.

Because of the training and mentorship that you provided, my staff were empowered with knowledge and self-confidence, they did not shy away from the requirements put before them, and instead, embraced the issues as challenges to overcome. Time & time again I saw them fall back on the principles of organisation, change management and problem solving which you provided. I witnessed this in both individual and group actions and at times on an almost daily basis. 

I want to thank you for your involvement in the development of my staff.  They have become competent, confident and adaptable managers in my business. They manage their respective staff & responsibilities with integrity, apathy and professionalism, none of which would have been possible in such a short space of time without the initial guidance, advice and skillets your training course provided. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes in these individuals since your first contact with them. You will have opportunity to witness this first hand when I invite you back in 2013 to further empower my staff with your Project Managers course.

Thank you once again, I have a management & leadership team which I am very proud of, and importantly, I can confidently challenge the cynics and doubters who advocate that competent & principled managers do not exist in this remote workforce.

Kind regards, 

Multinational organisation (specialising in remote off-shore logistics)

…The brief given to Jan Rose was not the standard recruitment and selection model that exists for most companies but required Jan to reinvent the concept of the 'right attitude' being the first principle of merit.

In order for Jan to understand her clients' needs, she undertook significant consultation with key players and often attended meetings outside of normal work time to ensure she had understood our requirements.The finished product is a recruitment and selection model not existing anywhere else in the Local Government sphere.

Jan was able to achieve a very positive outcome in relation to the brief and to bring about this new model required more than a standard policy, procedure, lesson plan and presentation, and the 60 plus officers who attended this course now have a far deeper appreciation of recruitment and selection beyond simple process.

Using her extensive range of skills and experience, Jan was able to explore the conflicting dynamics within the recruitment and selection discipline; the conflict between merit and the 'right' person; the conflict between technical versus attitudinal fit; the conflict between compliance with the legislation and the need to fill vacancies in short timeframes to avoid the loss of talented candidates and the conflict between well deserving agency staff and longterm permanent staff who had lost their performance edge.

Council is highly satisfied with the skills and abilities brought to the role for this particular recruitment and selection project, but more than her skills and abilities, the standout characteristic identified by this Council, was Jan's desire, passion and commitment.Too often these qualities are lost in the expediency of making a quick dollar, using off the shelf packages…

Large local government Council for panel member interview training


Our organisation has utilised the services of Jan Rose on various projects across training and human resources since 2007.

These include but are not limited to:

  • ·          Realignment of our 6 week training course to provide a better flow and balance of practical and theory.
  • ·        Rationalisation of subjects and topics into like modules.
  • ·        Introduction of 'subject matter expert' presenters for key modules of the training course.
  • ·        Recruitment of permanent and temporary staff to match specific roles in a tight labour market.
  • ·        Development of recruitment initiatives including employing staff on 457 Visas.
  • ·        Development of manuals and documents associated with a start-up contract around areas of contingency planning.

Throughout these assignments Jan has consistently delivered an extremely professional service and product on time and within budget.  

Her ability to quickly understand the specific needs of our business and bring to the table her extensive knowledge experience and contacts have been instrumental in delivering practical workable solutions within tight timeframes.

Jan's vibrant personality and absolute commitment to meeting customer needs have made all assignments a productive and pleasant experience for all involved…

Multinational Organisation (specialising in custodial transport services and court security)


…I would like to thank you for the training provided to our organisation during 2014.

The training has assisted in the personal and professional growth of our staff that participated in the variety of training provided.  

This has helped to create positive changes in a difficult climate with the attitude and behaviour of our staff.

As this is an operational business that is continually in operations mode, I an extremely aware of the flexibility of the trainer due to many 'unscheduled events' that were imposed and appreciate your ability to contextualise the training to suit the organisational needs. 

Further the interactivity during the courses that was focussed on achieving competency aligned to the national training framework whilst ensuring engagement was excellent and allowed that staff both comprehension and understanding of the course content.

I observed that your delivery catered to different levels within the organisation applying to diverse cultures, age, gender, etc.; using multiple methodology and ensured learning has taken place for all the participants whilst encouraging learning pathways for our team to continue their education.

1.   Jan Rose of One world learning has provided training to us over the last year on a number of different management courses.

Jan’s expertise in all these areas makes her second to none when it comes to training. Jan passed on new ideas to make our management team respond to incidents in a different way to make it more effective.

Jan is very well regarded within our company and we would have no hesitation recommending Jan and her company to any organisation looking for a management trainer with a difference. I believe this comes down to the way Jan delivers her training to the students.

2   Over recent months our organisation has engaged One World Learning to deliver multiple training programs including;

  • ·           Cert 1V Frontline Management

  • ·        Cert 1V in Business

  • ·        Workplace Health & Safety

  • ·        Diploma of Business

  • ·        Diploma of HR

Jan is a regular in our workplace and is highly regarded by management and staff alike. The feedback we receive from our staff is exceptional. They are positive, motivated and all claim that Jan’s style is purposeful, relaxed, fun and informative.  The fact that Jan always takes the time to understand our business needs makes the training relevant to the business and staff in their varying roles. Thinking outside the box has become somewhat of catchphrase by our recent graduates but this is the environment that Jan fosters. Many thanks Jan.

Our organisation has been using the services of Jan Rose from One World Learning since 2010 to provide nationally recognised qualifications for training and assessment for our operations, trade instructors and education staff; the Diploma of Business for our administration team, and, occupational health safety training for the WSH committee. 

…we value and appreciate Jan's no-nonsense approach to the coursework for qualifications.  It is adapted to our environment which she demonstrates a clear understanding of and does not lose sight of importance of maintaining the highest standards of outcomes required as an RTO whilst focussing on what is important to us operationally.

We work in a complex and challenging environment and employ a diverse group of people with what can be at times, interesting to accommodate.  Jan uses whatever means at her disposal to get the message across which includes a wide range of resources to ensure that each and every individual not only learns but has fun at the same time.   Flexibility with days/hours has also been appreciated to fit within the needs of our business.

Jan is highly recommended and she will take the time to understand operational needs/issues and get the job done.

Multinational Organisation (specialising in custodial services, detention)


I had previously completed SHRep training with Jan and decided I would like to complete my diploma of leadership and Management. I thoroughly enjoy Jan’s way of teaching and the way she is able to adapt her education to the various different types of people in the room. There are so many parts of this training that I have applied in my life already personal and work, however the stand out for me so far would be the use of my emotional intelligence and learning ERIC, which helped me get through an interview for a job that I have been working towards for quite some time without being an emotional mess and making the situation impossible for myself. I was able to take the news of being the unsuccessful applicant with a smile and see the good that could come from the decision that was made. 

Graduate of the Elate Program - Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51915